There are four very distinct seasons on the Central Oregon Coast and it is enjoyed by vacationers year around.


December to Mid March

If you enjoy cloud formations and watching storms roll in and out, there is no place like the Oregon Coast in the winter.  Thousands of people come to the coast to watch this phenomenon.  It’s also a great time to enjoy the casino and make those killer buys at the outlet mall.




Mid March to Mid June 

The days are getting longer, and the sunsets are even more breathtaking than usual.  Birds are coming back, the flowers are blooming, and the smell of the sea is in the air.  You don’t want to miss the beach this time of year.



Mid June to Mid September
The weather is warm, and ocean fishing, crabbing, and whale watching are in full swing.  The 7 ½ miles of Lincoln City Coastline has kite flying, beachcombing, and a hundred other activities going on.  This is the busiest time of the year, and there is no place like the Central Oregon Coast in the summer..



Mid September to December
The summer crowds have started to thin, but the weather continues to be great.  All those fun beach activities you wanted to do in the summer, but didn’t because of the lines or crowds are still available, only this time with fewer people. In October the whales begin to migrate, the sea lions still hang out on the mouth of the Siletz River, and the world renown surfers show up for a major competition off Nelscott Reef in South Lincoln City in early November.